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Name: Crystal..aka Crys Age: 17 What kind of car do you own: 1989… - Chevy Like A Rock [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 20th, 2005|09:04 am]


Name: Crystal..aka Crys
Age: 17
What kind of car do you own: 1989 Chevy Silverado
What color is you car: Red and black
What's your favorite car: hmm that's a tough one, i love most muscle cars.
What kind of engine is in it: an old 350 that's tryin to give out on me LOL
Why do you like Chevy's instead of Fords: Fords dont measure up to a chevy. You can count on a Chevy to not die on you, like my truck, it just wont die.

Ok so it sounds like im talkin trash about my truck..I'm not, but everyone around me jokes about my truck, but i love her, she's done anything i've asked and more. It's had 2 engines, 2 trans put in it, but the rear-end is somehow hangin in there. My girl calls it "The Beast" cause of how it drives. I'll have pictures up later once I find them. You wonder why it would be called The Beast? well it started out pulling a 2-horse trailer up to the mts. and used for hauling big loads of hay and straw. That was for a good portion of the truck's life (5-6 years). It's been used as both a work truck and as a toy for goin 4-wheelin across rouch fields. Well that's about it, add me if u want. bye