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Howdy! [Jan. 29th, 2006|05:36 pm]


Name: Jill
Age: 22
What kind of car do you own: 2 - both are Chevy K-10s, one is an '82 short-bed with a 350 engine, the other's an '85 long bed with a 305; both are 4x4
What color is you car: '82-tan '85-black
What's your favorite car: My '82 Chevy. M'dream vehicle
What kind of engine is in it: 350
Why do you like Chevy's instead of Fords: I basically grew up in a chevy and having owned both Fords and Chevys, I've never had a Chevy give me nearly half as many problems as the Fords do, regardless of model, year, etc (although I will admit that Mustangs do have their charm)

...Allow me to show off my vehicles. :D

This first truck is the black one (obviously) that I bought off an ex-boyfriend from Vermont. The frame is a little bit rusted out, but it's still running quite reliably and I use it mainly for hauling and while my other truck is getting New Things put in or Old Things fixed. It's a typical redneck vehicle and can go fourwheelin' in places most trucks can't:

And this one is my baby, my project. I'm pretty damned lucky to have my dream vehicle by 22 years old. ;) Right now, she's gettin' a new rear axel installed ('cause I tore up the other one through stupidity *cough*), a new exhaust system, the seat is getting fixed up...and Monday or Tuesday we should be installin' a Dixie Horn for my honkin' pleasure. :D Oh! And new tires as soon as that axel is in.

Soon as it rains down here, I'll post some gorgeous pictures of mud-splattered Chevys.

[User Picture]From: pgrdnckgrl06
2006-01-30 01:40 am (UTC)
hey how many miles do you have on your chevy? i drive my dad's '89 1500 Chevy Silverado and it has about 350,000 miles on it
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